How to Care for Stainless Steel

How to Care for Stainless Steel Cookware

Whether you’re on the market for new stainless steel cookware, or already the proud owner of some fabulous ss cookware, here’s your go-to guide for taking care of those bad boys.

  • Before first use, be sure to give your cookware a good cleaning in hot and soapy water. This will help to remove any debris they have accumulated during packing and transit. You wouldn’t wear a new top without washing it first, right? We recommend using a neutral cleaner and staying away from citrus detergents if possible.
  • Those with hard water, aka water with a lot of minerals in it, may notice calcium or other mineral deposits on their cookware. Mix equal parts white vinegar and water, bring to a boil, let cool, then wash with hot soapy water to best care for your stainless steel cookware.
  • Scorched food stuck to the bottom? Fill with hot soapy water and let soak for an hour or two. Then rinse and repeat to remove this stubborn residue. A nylon scrubbing pad may be of use here as well.
  • Understand that over time your stainless steel cookware will show signs of wear, especially if you use metal utensils. Avoid additional scratches by steering clear of  abrasive tools such as steel wool.
  • Bar Keeper’s Friend will become your BFF. This stuff works wonders for caring for stainless steel.
    • For light stains: Wet a soft sponge and sprinkle some of this magic powder on it. Be prepared for full arm workout and scrub, scrub, scrub. Rinse as you go and continue.
    • For more stubborn stains: Mix the bar keeper’s friend with water to make a thick paste in the pot or pan. Allow to sit for a few minutes, then get your sponge out and go to town.
    • While you’ve got your barkeeper’s friend out, give that stainless steel sink of yours a good cleaner, or hit the bathroom and watch the wonders it does on tile grout.

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